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stories this hour - freedom for european observers held in ukraine. the crisis there is escalating. >>> demonstrators in washington call on u.s. the do more in relation to the kidnapped ghirls nigeria. >>> world press freedom day. >>> on the trail of a deadly disease that found its way to indiana. >>> and the n.b.a.'s latest move to oust clippers' owner donald sterling. . >>> hugs and relief in ukraine as seven european observers held by separatists are freed. it comes a day after fighting in the southern city of odessa killed dozens of pro-russia activists, many in a clash. today the city held visuals to commemorate the dead. at this hour ukraine inches closer to civil war. the military is stepping up its offensive. the conflict is spreading to other parts of the country. paul brennan has the latest from the eastern city of konstantinovka. >> reporter: burning cars and dabry were evidence of what looked like a day of fighting between ukranian soldiers and pro-russian separatists. vehicles and tyres became barricades, set alike to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> there'
is the army advances against dissent in this if you come across what's denounces the upsurge in ukraine's lot and some politicians but the blame for friday's tragedy. all the victims themselves the show. eighty two to distort this might have it when it's eleven pm last night looking up the internationally. making up coverage against monday's developments in ukraine the southern city of the deaths of his more than that. dozens killed on friday in on rex that engulfed the previously peaceful area these people may find some live pictures coming up in the beginning of something violent confrontation between pro and anti government protests is and that is more than forty people being done to lie to the barricade the trade union building. michael masters two molotov cocktails into the wind is about building a friend to get back to the stupid things that you can see it simple. five people shot of the flames took a leak from the windows so for those who may be that there would be sleeping. many speak to some of the sublime but that is. a second chances to build and finance that he threw molotov cockt
the girls. >> more violence in ukraine today. and now there's fear russian president vladimir putin may use the fighting as an accuse to invade. putin says he has received thousands of requests for help from russians living in ukraine in eastern ukraine, pro-russian protesters rallied outside buildings, forcing their way in before waving a russian flag as the crowd outside cheered. today flowers marked the site of a deadly fight. yesterday ukraine started a new effort to push back pro-russian groups. >> a hit-and-run crash in san francisco critically injured one person. the crash happened at 2:30 this morning when the driver of his black infinity ran a red-light, broadsiding another car. the driver of that car was badly injured. the force of the crash sent one of the cars into a third vehicle, leaving that driver with maynor injuries. investigators say the driver who caused the crash and a number of passengers ran from the scene. >>> these folks in oakland gathered this morning to remember a man who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in oakland. coalition of neighbors want city leaders to m
the nt is we are not going to go to war and ukraine. it's not in their national interest to go there and do that so i guess i'm asking you is war necessarily becoming obsolete as the final nexis? >> yeah this is what i suggested is one that claims in my book is that war and the census putting ourselves out of business because we have become so good at it. it back in 1983 the u.s. department of defense decided as they periodically did to try to model what happened if we get into a nuclear war with the soviets. they bring in some consultants. they say we want you to use the prevailing doctrine of the u.s. military which is a war will begin with counterstrikes which means you fire your own nuclear missiles only the nuclear force it, not at the cities. you are not trying to kill people. they run there were game come back a few days later looking a little bit sheepish. the guys at the department of defense say how did the game go? they say well nobody was able to hold the line at counterfocounterfo rce strikes, no one on either side. within the first week they have 500 million dead
- freedom for european observers held in ukraine. the crisis there is escalating. >>> demonstrators in washington call on u.s. the do more in relation to the kidnapped ghirls nigeria. >>> world press freedom day. >>> on the trail of a deadly disease that found its way to indiana. >>> and the
ukraine. >> molly, the only bit of good nows was the release of the international observers. they were in good spirits. >> reporter: it comes as the ukranian military is stepping up the effort against the pro russian mill at this timeiants it was a fight against the insurgies and now this country is on the verge of civil war. ukranian army personnel carriers moved in the town and overtaking checkpoints and a government building that was occupied. they were not able to push their way in the main strong hold where separatist and mill littias are dug in. violence is spreading to the key port city of oshg desza. 30 plus people died and many injured in running street battles between riot police and pro russian separatist. and pro russians ended up in a building and the building was in flames. the ukranians blame russian military officers for sparking the violence. and the russia calls the crack down and said it is a crime and said ethic russians are besieging the kremlin begging for help and protection. the fear is it would come in the form of 40,000 troops invading this part of the countr
in eastern ukraine. an attack that killed more than 40 russian supporters dramatically increases tensions in the country. the grim reality in afghanistan, thousands liable dead. many more thousands now homeless. >> the language of the blind, why braille may actually become extinct. we will take you to one of the most polluted places in the u.s. where developers are planning to build luxury high-rises. we begin in ukraine a country moving ever closer to civil war. the military stepping up the offensive against pro-russian he rebels in the east. the conflict is spreading to other parts of the country. in the east, seven european observers who were taken hostage more than a week ago have been freed. this comes a day after fire in the southern city of odessa killed dozens of pro-russian activists. secretary of state john kerry currently in africa spoke with his russian counterpart in another effort to reduce tensions. there is no solution in sight. paul brennan has the latest from the eastern city of it constaniovka. >> the burning cars and day bre which limited the streets were evidence of w
weeks. they went to check on the situation in ukraine. in nigeria more than 200 girls are being held hostage. demonstrators from london to new york rallied today to call for their freedom. we are going to take you inside a global push to help these girls. make sure you stay tuned for that. >>> and in los angeles, the clippers are gearing up for a game seven of the playoffs. this after owner donald sterling dominated headlines this week for racist remarks leaked to the media. we have new comments from sterling and the woman, and the woman who leaked his remarks. or is accused of leaking his remarks. a very real possibility of a civil war in ukraine and that borders russia. towns were overrun by armed separatists who believe those towns should be russians. this is happening not on the border but more than 150 miles into ukraine. it's after midnight in ukraine now. government leaders are promising that active military operations will continue when the sun comes up. dozens of civilians and separatists have been killed in the fighting so far and people who live in the region are being tol
that not every journalist is so fortunate. tonight,e celebrate our thoughts are with those in places like ukraine and afghanistan. everything, risk their lives to report the news. and fair for full access goes beyond the chance to ask a question. african-american might be barred from journalism school. effort, black editors and publishers began meeting. they met with the president himself. one made history, he was not always welcomed by the other reporters, but he was welcomed by the president. i'm very happy to have you here. he made history. we are so proud of him and his family. [applause] for over 100 years, even as the white house correspondents association tells the story of progress, you have limited two. yes, radio television and internet reporters as well. sure that our fundamental commitment to between the action -- interaction between those who govern it sustained. because this is the 100th recordedry, i actually an additional brief video thanking you for all your hard work. congratulations. >> what is going on? i was told this would work. this anybody know how to fix this? thank you.
observers, but dead levi less than continues in eastern ukraine. the latest on the crisis in ukraine coming up. >>> and have you heard about the nation's unemployment rate? it's fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis. great news, right? well, there happens to be a little more to that story and just ahead, we'll explain. >>> plus, in the face of student protests, former secretary of state condoleeza rice makes a decision about giving the commencement speech at rutgers. we'll tell what you she's saying now. >>> right now there is growing backlash and controversy over benghazi. john boehner announcing the formation of a select committee that will investigate this as another key panel issuing a subpoena to secretary of state john kerry. he's expected to testify before that panel in three weeks. all this as those newly released e-mails are raising even more questions about the obama administration's response to that terrible terrorist attack. doug mcelway live with the very latest on everything. >> reporter: new headline may be emerging from bret baier's interview
. seven military observers are free in eastern ukraine. an attack that killed more than 40 russian supporters dramatically increases tensions in the country. the grim reality in afghanistan, thousands liable dead. many more thousands now homeless. >> the language of the blind, why braille may actually become extinct. we will take you to
is looming. i am talking about eastern ukraine. a part of the country that borders russia. these ukrainian soldiers are rolling through one of several towns overrun by armed separatists who believe the towns should be russian. this is not right on the border, it is happening more than 150 miles into ukraine. dozens of people have been killed and people who live there are basically hiding out in their own homes. meanwhile, a team of international military observers that were held hostage more than a week by the pro-russian forces are now free. cnn's arwa damon is in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: that 12 member osce team finally freed, they had been taken hostage april 25th, accused by the self proclaimed mayor of being nato spies. on their release, he referred to them as guests. they appeared to be tired, but said they had been treated fairly well. the german foreign minister thanking the efforts of russian envoy and ensuring their release. the number two for the osce commission saying this is an example of how important negotiations are. but elsewhere throughout the country, we're seeing v
continues in eastern ukraine. the latest on the crisis in ukraine coming up. >>> and have you heard about the nation's unemployment rate? it's fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis. great news, right? well, there happens to be a little more to that story and just ahead, we'll explain. >>> plus, in the face of student protests, former secreta
. thanks, doug. >>> now to the growing crisis in ukraine that shows no signs of abating. secretary of state john kerry calling today's release of seven european military observers in ukraine, quote, a step. many other steps have to be taken to dry to de-escalate the growing crisis in ukraine. he's calling on russia to withdraw support for insurgents who have seized those government buildings in the country's east. russia, though, of course denying those allegations that it is behind the unrest. meanwhile, on outbreak of violence erupting in the city of odessa. police saying at least 42 people were killed in those clashes that occurred between government supporters and opponents yesterday. secretary of state kerry also adding that everything possible must be done to try and end the violence. but for now, sadly that violence and the unrest and the conflict only seems to be spreading. >>> back here at home in los angeles, the woman who secretly recorded the owner of the los angeles clippers says he owes everybody an apology. v. stiviano captured donald sterling's racist comments which were lat
in eastern ukraine. thousands dead and many homeless in the wake. devastating landslide in afghanist afghanistan. while his team fights for play-off series victories, new support for embattled clipperseen owner donald sterling. >>> imagine living a block away from the foul mess filling this disgusting can alal and try to guess how much it will cost to clean it up. >>> thanks for being with us. stalemate in ukraine. minor victories for the government overshadowed by separatists pushing back. ukraine military reclaimed some government buildings in the east but lost others. meantime, european union is calling for an independent investigation into the deaths of more than 40 people in odessa yesterday. kiev blaming russian supporters from moldova on its western border. paul brennan reports. >> the burning cars and day bre were evidence of what looked like a day of heavy fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russia separatists. vehicles and tires had become makeshift barricades set alight to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> there were a lot of victims from both sides, fro
of criticism about ukraine. what's so interesting in the poll is americans are kind of pulling back from wanting to engage in these kinds of things. and yet republicans are attacking him for not being more engaged in what's going on in ukraine. >> it's smoke and mirrors. if you asked to find ukraine on the map, i would be hard pressed to find it. majority of members of congress don't have passports. that's a precursor to one of the reasons we have had such a terrible foreign policy to begin with. it just basically provides them the opportunities to not to talk about the problems at home. when they have the opportunity to engage, when president obama has engaged, libya being an example, they went after him saying why did you do that? it's not a matter of whether they care, it's a matter of they are like the no president. i have a toddler. right now she's in her no stage. she says no to be in the opposition. that's where the republican party is. >> it's a fair comparison to compare republicans to toddlers. >> i was just going to say let's go back where we started and that was the economy.
a conflict over ukraine or crimea. she has been a tremendous restraining force and the only way she is going to be brought around to support real serious sanctions on russia is if vladimir putin makes a grave mistake and sends his army across that border, in which case, barack obama will be calling the shots. >> eleanor. >> in the press conference that merkel and president obama had on friday, the president went through all the sectors of the economy where they would be calling for sanctions. he left out oil and gas. and when chancellor merkelout t of the 28 european union countries are totally dependent on gas coming through the ukraine. so, she clearly is going to put the brake on sanctions that are going to damage the economy, but the president is one to throw the economy into a -- the world economy into a recession over this either. there's some negotiation here. but merkel speaks russian. putin speaks german. if there's any conversation going on here, it's between the two of them. so she is a critical player if they are going to be able to deescalate this crisis. germany is the banker o
's been a violent and deadly day in the ukraine. we are hearing more reports of clashes between ukrainian troops and pro-russian separatists. people were warned in one town to stay inside their homes. there was one glimmer of hope. western separatists were released today after they were freed, they appeared with the acting ukrainian prime minister we'll have a live report coming up from around the world. nick peyton walsh is live near slavynysk. matthew cans in live in moscow. nick, you are in the middle of the region where all this violence is happening, what did go on today? >> reporter: well, we had a glimmer of good news, the release of the 12 strong gel e delegation from the osce. they have us kaed hell for 12 days, today after a russian envoy released thanking quote from the bottom of their heart the russian envoy, because four of that team were germans an recent rare positive good fuse here and good spin for the pro russian militant here, it comes on a day of swirling violence really this one more town, we went to and saw how armored personnel moved towards the barricades, moved in
marco rubio from florida has the republican response. he discusses intervention in ukraine. >> hi, everybody. my number one priority as president is doing whatever i can to create more jobs and opportunity for hardworking families. and yesterday, we learned that businesses added 273,000 jobs last month. all told, our businesses have now created 9.2 million new jobs over 50 consecutive months of job growth. but we need to keep going to create more good jobs, and give middle-class families a sense of security. and i want to work with congress to do it. but so far this year, republicans in congress have blocked or voted down every serious idea to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. they've said no to raising the minimum wage, no to equal pay for equal work, and no to restoring the unemployment insurance they let expire for more than two million americans looking for a new job. that's not what we need right now. not when there are still too many folks out of work and too many families working harder than ever just to get by. that's why, in my state of the union address, i sa
intense in ukraine. one separatist leader is calling for the formation of a new army. >>> and the hunt for flight 3 seven is the about to change. it could involve a whole new search area thousands of miles away from where the crews are now. breaking her silence the woman who recorded donald sterling's racist tirades speaks oumt. hear her theory about why the l.a. clippers owner says what he said and the state of their relationship right now. >>> violence in the ukraine is pushing the divide country even deeper into crisis. video posted on youtube shows a bus where people were warned to stay off if street today. cnn cannot authenticate that video. there were clashest this city. monita, a group of western military observers was released after being abducted a week ago by pro russian separatists. matthew, there have been a lot of statements coming out of russiaed too. what's the latest we are hearing. >> they have subject the kremlin has been sharply critical, condemning the violence in eastern and southern ukraine. vladmir putin is sending his condolences to the 40 people who died in the
. >>> fox alert. ukraine is getting worse. there is intense violence now erupting in eastern ukraine. so far, at least 42 people have been killed. renewed clashes between government supporters and pro moscow separatists. dozens more have been injured. it is the worst bloodshed we have seen in this crisis so far. hello everyone, i am eric shawn in for greg jarrett. >> i'm arthel neville. russian militants have released seven captives. the group of foreign observers were held in eastern ukraine for more than a week. leland vittert streaming live in dop donetsk, ukraine, with the latest. hi, leland. >> reporter: hi, arthel. the independent international observers being released is the only bit of good news coming out of this crisis that is quickly spiralling out of control. this really began as an insurgency, and is now quickly heightening in terms of its severity and its breadth into a civil war here in ukraine. latest pictures out of one of the pro rebel strong holds, those russian separatists taking on the ukrainian army as it moved in its armored personnel carriers into the town. the ukrain
in western ukraine. the scar on the hillside. 2000 were thought to have died in london. police are accused of trying to settle old scores as a leader is questioned for a 4th day. >> here with all of thespots. a the top and bottom of the english premier league and in spain, paying tribute to former barcelona tito. scomplafrnling now, seven military observers taken hostage in eastern ukraine a week ago have been freed by their rebel ca captors. five were released. the military is continuing defense in the east. pro-russian groups are calling for peace keepers to be sent to the area. al jazeera has teams across ukraine. paul brennan is standing by in the eastern city of donetsk. joan jonah hull, iwhat happens to them now that they have been released what happens to them next? >> reporter: perhaps not from the look of them when i saw them on the road side earlier on today, they looked rather tired, quite drawn, relieved, of course, but i don't think they will be heading back to this region any time soon. they will be heading back to homes in europe. >> said, there are calls today for osce op
this hour the violence and rhetoric getting more intense in ukraine. one separatist leader is calling for the formation of a new army. >>> and the hunt for flight 3 seven is the about to change. it could involve a whole new search area thousands of miles away from where the crews are now. breaking her silence the woman who recorded donald sterling's racist tirades speaks oumt. hear her theory
watching, i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. >>> fox alert. ukraine is getting worse. there is intense violence now erupting in eastern ukraine. so far, at least 42 people have been killed. renewed clashes between government supporters and pro moscow separatists. dozens more have been injured. it is the worst bloodshed we have seen in this crisis so far. hello everyone, i am eric shawn in for greg jarrett. >> i'm arthel neville. russian militants have released seven captives. the group of foreign observers were held in eastern ukraine for more than a week. leland vittert streaming live in
're also live on the ground in eastern ukraine with the latest. >>> also ahead -- >> if he was a real racist, then why would he help the world the way that he has? >> defending donald sterling. the woman at the center of the scandal tells abc that he is not a racist and is, quote, hurting. more of her comments as we look at sterling's legal options and why some insist a player's boycott may still happen. >>> also today, a major endorsement for a campaign that has not even started. the latest democrat backing hillary clinton. >>> and a new generation of power. one city's plans to transform landfills into sources of energy. it's today's big idea. >>> it is also derby day. with horse names like wicked strong, junk in the trunk, and thissier's favorite, california chrome, will we get our first triple crown winner in 36 years? we'll go to churchill downs as well. good saturday to you. i'm craig melvin. in ukraine, they're calling it war. right now the military is desperately trying to take back portions of that country from pro-russian separatists. it all came to a bloody head friday when
. the april jobs report. janet yellen. the latest from ukraine. margaret carlson debates epa's big win. we begin the program with the u.s. transportation secretary anthony foxx. thank you for being with us. >> great to be here. >> the highway trust fund runs out of money soon. this summer. you are in constant conversations with congress. what are the odds it will not be resolved by august. >> we are working very hard with congress to get an answer before the highway trust fund becomes insolvent. in the event it becomes insolvent, we are working through contingency plans to work with states so we can do the best job we can. >> projects by july will be stalled. some contracts will be canceled. >> you say by july. early? >> the trust fund will become insolvent as early as august. but before then, many state d.o.t.'s will be making decisions. in the june and july time period. >> is there any chance? >> there has been a lot of consternation about this. we have had 27 band-aids put on transportation. continuing resolutions, extensions. the biggest issue is how you pay for it. the president put f
are the stories we are following right now. it is the end of 8 days of captivity in ukraine. >> plus a landslide wipes out a village in afghanistan. >> plus a teen found live in a wheel well of a plane flying to hawaii. >> european mediators held captive in yukdz for the last week are freed. this while the ukraine military regains some of the government buildings in theest>> and loses area and the ukraine officials are blamed for the violence in odessa and left 30 people dead. >> day two of the military offensive by the ukraine governments and focussed on ten miles south and we have seen is clearing away the roadblocks and headed to the center of town. a couple of us bes and taxis are burned out. it said it was controlled and localized. by aside for the combat here, we have also seen some good news from a humane tarn point of view. a group of observes have been released today. we met them on the road at the point where we saw them fall into the relieved arms of theiral colleagues. on a roadside they embraced freedom with a sense of relief. a handover bringing the end to the 8 days of captivity o
death toll of over 150,000. >>> the violence in the ukraine going to a whole new level. ukraine launching a major offensive to take back control of one of its eastern cities. meanwhile, fierce fighting between government supporters and pro-russian forces leaving dozens of people killed and dozens more injured. leland vittert is streaming live in donetsk, ukraine, with the latest. leland? >> reporter: molly, certainly what has been an insurgency by those pro-russian separatists is keeping this country on the verge of civil war. the ukraine military has launched a major offensive to take back towns and buildings that have been taken over in the past week by these pro-russian separatists. earlier today, armored personnel carriers moving into a town near one of the russian strong holds. they were able to take back a tv center in the town and also able to take back one of the intelligence buildings there. however, they have not been able to fight their way into the main stronghold of slovyansk, where the russian militants are still holed up. there have been casualties on both sides.
radford. here are the stories we are following right now. it is the end of 8 days of captivity in ukraine. >> plus a landslide wipes out a village in afghanistan. >> plus a teen found live in a wheel well of a plane
, do you loo issue through the prism of our americans interested in the ukraine story? obviously, there's a lot of interest in that now. or do you say here is a foreign policy story that is of monumental importance. there is no question that the united states is making monumental choices now about its role in the world. do you look at it with an eye towards responsibility that you had to educate americans about their stake in foreign policy? >> yes. >> good answer. organization, our audience is an investor focused audience. the way that we are covering or reporting, for example, the latest round of sanctions -- the might be different than first take of the new york times story. we also have a more market focused. what is the ruble doing? what is the effect on gas from -- it is just more company focused. i will say that the challenge journalists has been how you write the second day and third day and pieces when you are in the firestorm of the incoming news. that is a challenge. wherepicking and choosing that analysis is. >> the wall street journal is committed to foreign coverage. we ha
>> observes are freed in the eastern ukraine as kiev is continuing the offensive against russia offenses. you shall watching al jazeera live from the headquarters. more than 2,000 are feared dead after a landslide in african. >> no release for the al jazeera a journalists being held in e gyp. a former child soldier goes home. >> we begin in ukraine where a second day of military action is underway as a government in kiev is trying to take about the strong holds in the east. pro russian groups are asking to protect the civilians. they have freed 7 military observes taken hostage over a week ago. >> on a roadside they embraced freedom with a sense of relief, a handover bringing the end, 8 day captivity of the observers. >> you can't imagine, it is happiness. deep relief. the situation was really tough. the last two nights as we saw the situation developing, every minute gets longer and finally with the cooperation of all of the key players went perfectly. thank you very uch many -- much. >> the men looked tired and the nerves were obvious to see. they had been obtained. the releas
in ukraine continue as fears grow that that nation is now on the brink of civil war. this was one ukraine official saying quote, we are not stopping as the country pushes its offenses in the east against prorussian militants and as the chaos spreads south, abducteded international military observers are now set free. we'll bring you the latest in a live report. >>> and john boehner takes a controversial step. declaring he will create a special committee to uncover the truth about the assault and the white house's fault. we'll have a live report, plus we'll hear from scott dejarls from the white house oversight committee. all that and former president george w. bush gets into gear for our nation's wounded warr r warrio warriors. but first, let's begin with the breaking news out of ukraine. at least 42 now killed in violence between pro government supporters and violence. it comes alongside one positive development. a group of observers are now free after being held captive for more than a week by pro russian militants in eastern ukraine. >> that is the only bit of good n news, the release
minister sergey lavrov said the u.s. should call on ukraine to halt its military operations but he did agree on b on the need to a to the agreement made in geneva. we touched base a short time ago with correspondent james match who's on the ground there. >> reporter: the authorities here in ukraine insist their offensive to regain control of the eastern part of their country is not over. despite a day of setbacks yesterday in which they lost men and at least two helicopters. they say this morning they renewed the attack on the town which is just short of the separati separatist-held stronghold, their target. if they intend to press that battle to a conclusion, from what we know of the defenses in slovansk, it could be very bloody indeed. >> also today, people in odessa were laying flowers at the scene of the blood shed. >>> you hear it all the time, see something, say something. well, she did. today, a minnesota woman is being credited in stopping what could have been a dem stating school attack. police say john david ladu was planning to kill his family and carry out a bomb and shooti
. follow us at al >>> in ukraine things sped past the stage where two groups of heavily armed men glare at each other of the now they are killing each other and eastern ukraine is looking more ungovernable. it's "inside story." ♪ music ] hello, i'm ray suarez, for weeks there has been little you could say about the situation in ukraine that would stand up for more than 24 hours. it's been a moving target. hard to predict and define. think, in five months it's moved from a tilt towards moscow in kiev to counterdemonstrations that pulled down the government of viktor yanukovych to a creeping russia, to the eruption of protests across eastern ukraine, to what we have today, a situation inching closer to all-out fighting to russian alined irregular forces and ukranian military forces. as uptions and storming the buildings spread, the kiev government threatened retaliation and publicly acknowledged it lost before the fighting began. when the ukrainian government fought back, russia, a foreign country, warned ukraine about trying to reoccupy its open government buildings on its o
confirms the first case of the potentially deadly mers virus is now in the u.s. and in ukraine, conditions are going from bad to worse. the latest on that story at the top of the hour. house speaker john boehner announcing he will create a committee that will -- that killed four americans in bengha benghazi. and honoring service in celebration of recovery. former president president bush for his annual 100 k bike ride. mark siegel is riding along and we're going to check with him. all that and much more coming up at the transportatiop of the ho. hope you'll join us then. >>> tonight will mark 100 years for the association. it started off as a way for the press to get access to the president, but now, some say it's turning into a circus and the watchdogs getting too cozy with the administration. so, jonathan, should the media be smoozing with the white house? >> absolutely, dinner with the press, the president have dinner with the people. the press is the people. lasting and yucking it up. the problem isn't the press having dinner with the president. it's the press doing their job as the pr
ukraine where she was with vice president biden's entourage. she was with jeff goldberg who talked to us about his trip. to ukraine this morning perhaps we can ask her about that as well. please join me in welcoming laura meckler and and julianna goldberg. [applause] i'm going to dive right in with a couple of my own questions. please think of your own. i have colleagues who will be giving you cards. if you have a card, hold them up. we want to take as many questions as possible. 50 years after the passage of the civil rights act, it is hard to imagine congress reaching consensus on something as profound as that was. the functioning political process, a functioning democratic process, and the give and take that is an essential part of a pluralistic society seems to have totally evaporated. the public has had enough. andratings of congress washington in general are at record lows. i guess the short version of my question is, what is wrong with our political process? is there anything we can do to fix it? >> i will take a stab at that. thank you for having me here today. i want to apologiz
. >> it is an end of 8 days of captivity of hostages in ukraine. >> plus, putting pep in the step, we tell you about this state of the art research designed to make your shoes more comfortable. >> we begin this morning in afghanistan where a landslide buried an entire town yesterday and the rescue operations are underway and it is feared that 2000 people are already dead. the u.n., that is overseeing the operations can't confirm that number. we have the latest. >> they spent the night in the open and near freezing temperatures looking over what used to be their homes and praying. for any sign of life. >> 7 members of my family here when the landslide happened and five were killed here. what can i do? >> i urge the government to help take the bodies out. we managed to take 10-15 and the rest are trapped here. >> days of reconspiratourse andl of mud and rocks swept to the village below and destroys the homes below and homes are buried with the people inside. >> until now we found a body, and with aid, we have used all of the resources in the province. >> volunteers are coming to the err of northern af
between the rival groups. this as ukraine launched an offensive to take back it's eastern cities. i'll see you back here at 1:00 p.m. for america's news headquaters. now back to forbes on fox. >> un-american, louis lerner's lawyer said that's what holding her in contempt of congress would be. they plan to vote on this as early as next week. but what about the irs targeting conservatives. isn't that un-american? >> let's go back to what she said in her apology before congress may of last year. she said we should apologize for targeting groups whose names are like tea party or patriot. we're talking about the massive growth of government spending. it was wrong and incorrect. we asked two broad questions about donor names to these groups. the problem is there is too much money in the nonprofit system. that is what, in terms of political activity. but that's the reality we're living with now is an irs that was choosing to target and potentially for audits to target these groups for further scrutiny. >> okay. if that point could be proved, wouldn't that be more un-american than what loui louis
community for failing to denounce the killings in ukraine. some western politicians but all the blame on the victims. science has risen to the east of ukraine as the army presses on with its military writedowns and reports are pouring in of deaths and injuries in st fighting in a state of current source. lots the local governor reports that a massive landslide kills over two thousand people in remote village in eastern afghanistan. chappell it would take rt with the rejection. we start with last night's massacre in ukrainian city of odessa please be warned some people may find appalling pictures disturbing. dozens of people were lying there in a dance to as radical nationalists fire bombed a building associate with anti government groups cheered its reach people trapped by flames jumped out of the hips i knew it was divine the black armband week to be from the ultra nationalist right second row. extremists have called for the use of terror tactics against sentence. the clashes which began early today claimed forty six lines one was two hundred injured. our team managed to speak with a
>> an explosion of violence and destruction rocks ukraine as german chancellor angela merkel visits the white house. also, chemical weapons have been used again in syria. does bashar al-assad have a secret stockpile of weapons ready to be unleashed. >>> philadelphia police robbing stores and actually are assaulting women, why are the officers still on the job? >>> and are mental diseases superpowers? i'm antonio mora and welcome to "consider this." here's more on what's ahead. >> the conflict in ukraine is getting worse. at least 40 people died. >> clash between pro-russian and government supporters. >> most of the clashes came when the building was set on fire. >> did the administration deliberately deceive americans about thing benghazi attack? >> a wave of hysteria. >> a select committee on benghazi. >> we've being produced tens of thousands of items for the hearings. >> latest voyages in syria's civil war. >> also reports that the syrian government, attacked with chlorine gas. >> men women being deliberately targeted, a flagrant violation of the basic tenets of war. >> we begin with the d
ukraine as it battles pro-russian militants from the street and air. you see the violence is exploding. now a real fear of an all-out civil war. >>> and this woman is at the center of the donald sterling firestorm. now his alleged girlfriend is breaking her silence. she has a lot to say. hear what she said about that audio exchange and what sterling is saying about her. >>> and poking fun at president obama to his face. believe it or not. that is one man's job tonight. >> i feel nervous with that job. >> i think most people would. >> don't you think? i wonder if you would be up for it. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. always a pleasure to be with you. 10:00 on the east coast. 7:00 out west in the cnn newsroom. she has been dodging cameras and that odd visor ever since her recordings of the clippers owner donald sterling went public one week ago. now v. stiviano is sitting down with barbara walters. she is defending sterling. the man who was heard telling her do not bring black people to his games. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> i don't believe it in my heart. >> have you
as an acceptable the bloodiest day of violence in south eastern ukraine. giving up hope afghan officials say they're on my key to finding more survivors following devastating landslide in the remote north east of tasman to two of the region since two thousand one hundred people. lunch dismissed as a keeper candidates. just weeks before he gets presidential election critics say the counter. he is no contrast to the front runner. finance continues to mock the running. what the cure disease update you all for the cats. the analogy of servers held captive in sloppy on skin eastern ukraine have been released this undertake the development was announced our nearby and moscow envoy it's also been confirmed by the tens of pro russian separatist leader and get more on this map and you get the above that in moscow. she joins us by sky. do you want to be noah and his report released on the osce monitors and have a care package the wind and seven with the yes that is fine crew and officers have been great. in eastern ukraine. i was at the very least was the report by us special envoy. but in many small print
. good morning, sir. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with more turmoil in ukraine this morning. seven captured military observers and their five counterparts have been released. this comes a day after violent clashes between pro-ukrainian and pro-russian groups in the city of odessa. 31 people died inside a fire in a building that had been used by pro-russian separatists. the latest clashes are triggered by ukraine's offensive to recapture the city of slovyansk from forces siding with russia. russia claims it has gotten thousands of pleas of help from inside. >>> a major ruling in a legal battle between the world's top smartphonemakers. a federal jury ruled that samsung enfringed on apple's features. samsung was ordered to pay $120 million in damages. that was far short of the $2.2 billion apple had been seeking. apple's big payday was reduced slightly when the same jury found that apple, too, had copied one of samsung's patents. >>> and a school bus near georgetown, mississippi, in flames. moments earlier, it was carrying high school students. but a postal worker, betty wyndam, happe
bike. >>> a developing news in ukraine. today pro-russian insurgentents in the east released seven military observers and five ukrainian assistants. now, they've been held for more than a week. this comes as ukrainian armed forces continue to close in on the city of slovyansk. the sof yeet leader there says he ordered the release of the hostages because of increasing insecurity in the area. two ukrainian helicopters were shot down yesterday, killing two crew members. >>> today divers in south korea are searching opened rooms in an effort to find 70 missing passengers from a sunken ferry. you're looking at video of the final moments inside the boat before it sank. the body of 230 people have been retrieved. more than 450 people, mostly students were on that ferry when it sank on april 16th. only 171 people survived. >>> well, still ahead, a mystery virus usually diagnosed overseas is now a threat here at home. >>> and the drastic steps health officials are making to control the spread. >>> plus a new kind of ride hits streets in the bay area, and it is exactly what it sounds lik
and hospital plus list the details with the ukraine >> : prostitution bust and a massage parlor in east bay investigation on how they found 20 people on the skin treatment >> : san mateo bridge we see or request has hardly any traffic and all will be right back. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. [♪] rebecca and is again news for this morning a toddler is recovering from the hospital after falling out of the second floor window. the zero firefighters and into the field of fell friday evening and would drive child was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland and of course will monitor any updates on the other condition. please and antioch are looking for a burglar who they say putting gun at a homeowner who walked in on the burglary. happen thursday afternoon and low birth weight. own
rains, earlier this week may be to blame. >>> and there are a couple of new developments in the ukraine crisis. 12 international military swervers kidnapped by prorussian militants have been freed a envoy negotiated the release. ukraine forces are resuming military action against prorussian forces. violence flaired up yesterday as they shot down two helicopters and took part in clashes that sparked a fire killing 31. >>> attorneys for the boston marathon bombing suspect are accusing the government of leaking information about the case to the media. lawyers for the suspect have asked a judge for a hearing on the matter. they claim that government investigators have leaked evidence and made inappropriate public comments which they say may violate grand jury secrecy. they are awaiting a trial in november on 30 federal charges. three were killed and 264 were hurt. >> the yosemite park rangers are warning people to leave flying drones at home when they visit. they say that people have been using them to shoot impossible to get shots of the park's scenery but they say that they are a risk to
sprinting champion is banned for doping. details later in the program. >>> but first, in ukraine, a second day of military action is underway as the government in kiev tried to take back separatist strongholds in the east. pro-russian groups are calling for peacekeepers to appeal to moscow to send troops. >> seven military opinibservers taken over a week ago >> reporter: on a roadside north of donetsk, they embraced freedom with an over powering sense of relief. a carefully choreographed handover. >> you can't imagine. it's happiness, deep relief. the situation was really tough. the last two nights, as we saw the situation developing, every minute gets longer and finally, with the cooperation of all of the key players, it went perfectly. i thank you very much. >> reporter: the men looked calm but tired. the tension of their captivity and the nerves as their freedom came closer was obvious to see. they had been detained by the self-proclaimed mayor of slovyansk. the released men said he had kept his promise to protect them from harm. diplomats said any other outcome was simply was thinkable
should be pushing tougher sanctions on russia over ukraine. >> and the price of oil has fallen below $100 a barrel for the first time in three weeks. analysts say it's a sign of more to come. today the price of gas has reached a state average of $4.25, down a fraction from the day before. one analyst said prices on the west coast could fall to as low as $3.80 a gallon by july as long as there are no interruptions in supply. >>> california is planning to double the number of hydrogen fueling stations by 2015. new stations are planned in many areas. there is just one now, in emeryville. there are currently about 230 fuel cell cars in california but honda, hyundai and toyota say they plan to market the cars in california within two years. now an update on three bear cubs rescued around lake tahoe. one was found injured at the heavenly ski area a couple months ago. thanks to expert medical care and a lot of good food, all three cubs are doing well now. abc7 news anchor dan ashley with the return to their wild this morning in the assignment 7 report. >> if you want to rescue bear cubs, you bet
part of a unified ukraine and that's the most important principle. moo. this program is brought you why. from norway's main stream whose work is wise. the group explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report called encounters and access to wilkinson the sea. it is between pro and anti government forces continued across the east and west of ukraine as the united nations holds an emergency meeting at prices for class the nearly two jawed prepares for his first visit to africa since assuming office. his tour coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of late chinese new year don't lie his first visit to the contacts. hundreds of lives are lost thousands still missing after a landslide in dorothy's the dentist and authorities are working to distribute aid to survivors. a california jury ordering samsung electronics to pay over one hundred and nineteen billion us dollars to apple in a tight battle for last though then the california based technology giant had demanded what did you so much for joining us for the cctv news update on kurdish state in beijing. our top story right no
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